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Stoics Strand's Mission Statement

Although there were several sources of inspiration for starting Stoic Strand, I cite “the straw that broke the camel’s back” as the study from The Environmental Working Group, that outlined that the average [American] puts 168 chemicals on their body every single day.

After reading this astonishing article, I went down a rabbit hole that changed the course of my life and my purpose on planet earth. I began by actually reading the ingredient list on my skin care products and trying to decipher what each ingredient was and why I was rubbing them on my face first thing every morning, and last thing every night. It didn’t take me long to discover that the majority of “ingredients” were petroleum derived chemicals. Many of these chemicals served only one purpose, to work as preservatives to extend the shelf life on their products. My other key finding was that the most prevalent ingredient along the chemicals was water. Boy did I feel dumb, paying for a mixture of water and lab made chemicals and rubbing them all over my face. I couldn’t believe I had never read through all the ingredients before but.. They are the professionals; they should know best… right? Well after seeing for myself that a large portion of the ingredients in the moisturizers are solely in there to extend the life of their products to make them more money. There are few things you can control in life, but one of those things is what you choose to put on your body. Join us on this lifelong journey of natural, sustainable skincare!

A Few Words About

Our Team

When our founder first began to develop these products, he had no intentions on bringing them to market. He shared his products with friends and family in an effort to better their health and simplify their skincare routine. These friends and families urged our founder to bring these products to market and with our conjoined skillset, we are proud to present to you Stoic Strand!

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